Lévy Benjamin N.

In contact with contemporary improvisation since high school thanks to a two year workshop in Saint-Ouen music school, I graduated from engineering school of electronics (ENSEA, Cergy). I am also a former student of the Conservatoire of Cergy-Pontoise in cello, orchestra and composition, and I chose to combine music and computer with several internships and a masters degree (ATIAM) applying sciences to music. I started 2009 working as an intern with the Musical Representations team of IRCAM on the OMax project: a software dedicated to music improvisation. Enthusiastic about this system, I developed novel visualizations during a 1-year developper position, then I pushed further this research with a PhD defended successfully in December 2013. Thus, I renewed deeply the architecture and interaction and playing possibilities of OMax making it my personal computer instrument.

After my PhD, I worked for two years as an R&D engineer small audio oriented companies. Firstly at AudioGaming, I helped producing audio plugins for sound designers of the video games and film industry. Under the name Novelab, the company extended its activities to interactive video games making and multimedia installations creation. In this context, I was thrilled to enrich my skillset to environments like Unity 5 or Node.js and to get to grips with numerous emerging technologies such as Oculus Rift and GearVR headsets, LeapMotion controller, prototyping platforms Arduino and RaspberryPi etc. 
I chose then to come back to lower level audio programming at Trinnov Audio which successfully manufactures top of the line pre-amplifiers with unique loudspeaker/room optimization and 3D sound algorithmes. Among the R&D team, I helped integrate proprietary audio decoding libraries such as Dolby Digital or Auro3D in their software system.

I am back at IRCAM nowadays as a Computer Music Designer in the Creation department working in studio and concert with renowned composers. I continue expanding my horizons as a freelance as well, exploring new tools and reusing them in very different technical and artistic contexts.