Porfiriadis Alexis

Alexis Porfiriadis is a composer, pianist and improviser. He received his Phd in Composition in Bath Spa University/UK (2016), supervised by James Saunders. He also studied composition with Gerd Kühr (MA in Composition and Music Theory, 2002), Beat Furrer (Postgraduate in Composition, 2004) and Mathias Spahlinger (Klangwege 2003) in University for Music and Performing Arts Graz/Austria.
Selected prizes and awards including Music Promotion Prize of Graz, the Austrian State grand for Composition, the Scholarship for special academic achievements of the Austrian Ministry of Science and Culture, the Carl Michael Ziehrer Trust Scholarship, the Third Prize at the Second International competition for Composition for String Quartet by Molinari Quartet. Porfiriadis' compositions and installations have been presented in Europe, Canada and the USA. His pieces were part of the program of festivals like: ISCM World Music Days 2013 Kosice/Slovakia - SITE Festival Stroud/UK (2012) - a musical minimum festival the Wulf, Los Angeles/USA (2010) - Festival „Molinar del Segura“, Alicante/Spain (2006) - Dimitria Festival Thessaloniki/Greece (2006)

Since 2008 his compositions consist mainly of verbal and graphic scores. He is interested in composing pieces that encourage collaboration and collective decisions between the performers. He is also interested in investigating the possibilities opened up by verbal and graphic notation and open form.
He has taught improvisation (as well as music theory classes such as Harmony, Counterpoint, Instrumentation, Orchestration and Musical Analysis) in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and in State Conservatory of Thessaloniki and since 2007 he has convened improvisation and graphic/verbal notation workshops in several other academic and non-academic contexts. As an improviser and performer, he has collaborated with artists coming from a variety of different media backgrounds in Greece, Austria and Serbia, and in 2007 he co-founded the 6daEXIt Improvisation Ensemble in Thessaloniki (http://6daexit.wordpress.com/).

Part of his verbal/graphic score Drops for ensemble (2008/09) was published in Leonardo Music Journal (http://www.leonardo.info/lmj/ about.html) in December 2011, in the non-conventional scores collection “Beyond Notation: Communicate Music” together with works by Pauline Oliveros, Juerg Frey, Gordon Mumma and others. The same score was scheduled for performance in ISCM Word Music Days 2013 in Slovakia.