Toop David

Most of the time (day or night, no matter what I’m doing) I have ideas or experiences related to music, sound and listening. They fly in and fly out, usually ending up in one of my notebooks or a published essay, a sound work, a lecture or a book. For years I’ve felt that a blog is the best interim site because it’s a more public way of sharing them in a raw state, with possibilities for combined media. Why did it take me so long to get started? Being busy, I guess, but also getting to the point of thinking that publishing, in the broadest sense, was back where it was for people like me in the 1970s, ie. if you don’t do it yourself in your own way then most opportunities are very limited, ineffective and nostalgic. So this is a blog about listening sensations in their various forms, with a focus on current projects, notably my current 2-volume book-in-progress – Into the Maelstrom – which is about improvised music and the notion of freedom.

In that sense it’s a forum for working out thoughts, bringing them into the light before they become the immovable object of a book or some other final device. But the main point for me is that all of my activities are interrelated. ‘Official’ media have a pull toward keeping apart what they perceive as incompatibilities, whereas I believe strongly in throwing together serious, abject, comic, stupid, mysterious, trivial, scholarly, disturbing, and what Warren ‘Baby’ Dodds described as spooky. All of that.