Wegner Ephraim

Ephraim Wegner (*1980) studied audiovisual media at KHM in Cologne and is currently teaching generative art and audiovisual media at the university in Offenburg. As an artist he uses various computer languages (like Csound, Pure Data and Processing) to combine different forms of digital audio synthesis and generative art, "steering" towards multidisciplinary approaches and concepts. His performance practice ranges from improvisation (preferably using live input from instrumentalists) and notated works up to algorithmic compositions. Up to now there were numerous cooperations with other musicians, ensembles, festivals and institutions, among others "ars acustica" (SWR2), "Acht Brücken Festival" (Cologne) and "Donaueschinger Musiktage". In 2015 he received a scholarship from Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg.