Finney Rachel

Rachael Finney’s work frequently deals with the relationship between listening, voice and the body. Working across sound, video, installation and performance her work investigates the material qualities of the voice, often dissecting it and dividing it from language in order to interrogate it as a new acoustic object. Her work makes extensive use of reel-to-reel tape whereby she uses players to both process and present her work. Finney’s work has been utilised for both exhibitions and recorded media.

This interest in sound and specifically voice originates from her background in DIY music (La La Vasquez/Edible Arrangements) where she continues to release work under the moniker R Elizabeth. She has upcoming releases on both Where To Now and Nightschool records. Previous releases include Cazenove, Comfortable on a Tightrope, M'Lady's, Savoury Days and Sex is Disgusting.

Rachael Finney is currently undertaking doctoral research in the department of Visual Cultures at Goldsmith College, London.