new performance formats & audience development

Ictus will create a partnership embedded in the Interfaces project in order to research aspects of production, communication, audience development and audience experience. Influenced by the piece “Work/Travail/Arbeid" by Anne Teresa de Keersmacker, Ictus will coordinate a research on how the audience relates to this new format and what conclusions could be extracted from this for future projects.

Dancers, musicians and the public will be observed and interviewed regularly. The aim is to understand how the musical and performative experience changes over time.

How does the public deal with the situation? What is the potential of this different temporal exposition of a dense and condensed musical work? Does it open new ways of presenting new music? The EU application is an ideal occasion to initiate some critical research on this project: how was it perceived, what does it learn about the perception of contemporary music, what to say about the stage presence of the musicians compared to the dancers. What is the relation audience/musicians etc. why did it work, what are the different key factors to it success, but also what are the weaknesses and what dramaturgical and artistic analyses could you draw from this project.

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