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De Montfort University will work together with other partner institutions to run a series of workshops on project themes of soundscape, sound-based music, hacking and education (linking to the EARS2/Compose with Sounds project action). Workshops will take place throughout the UK, Germany & Greece. By working to bring together the worlds of sound-based music and hacking, we aim to demonstrate value and user-friendliness of this new musical creation to teachers and students alike, allowing ideas to be taken forward into community and educational settings without the need for additional support. Cross-curricular work with art, design technology and other subject areas is possible. This, in turn, will widen both students’ and teachers’ understanding and interest in terms of their musical spectrum of interest and eventual participation. Explore new updates about “Sound-based Creativity in Schools” workshops below.

List of workshops:

Workshops in the UK, run by De Montfort University
Summer 2017

Selected schools:
Moat Community College, Leicester
>Beacon Academy, Loughborough
>De Lisle College, Loughborough
>Westwood Academy, Coventry

Community workshops:
Sydni Centre, Leamington Spa
Warwick Arts Centre (Warwick University)

Explore the updates about “Sound-based Creativity in Schools” workshops HERE.

Click here and here to find examples of their work. 

Workshops in Greece-run by Onassis Stegi

Teachers training workshop: Create your own composition using digital tools.
9-10 December 2018
Onassis Stegi, Athens, Greece
For secondary school teachers

In the workshop for teachers, Duncan Chapman and Dave Holland from the De Montfort University will give a two-day workshop for teachers and educators which will revolve around three key axes: 1) how to listen to sounds, 2) how to record sounds, and 3) how to compose with the recorded sounds. The participants will also learn how to use the "Compose with Sounds" software package, and take away material at the end of the workshop which should be useful for their own teaching.

Read more and subscribe for the workshop here.

Compose with Sounds using digital apps.
January –April 2019
In schools of Athens, Greece
For middle and high school students

Through a series of workshops in schools, the students will learn how to use plain, everyday sounds and recordings to turn them into a composition with the help of the software programme “Compose with Sounds”. They will also learn how to use this digital tool in other classes as well, like in the technology or art lesson. At the end of the programme the students will present their compositions in a group showing.

The workshops are led by: Thalia Ioannidou (musician/sound artist), Michalis Moschutis (musician), Dimitris Patsaros (music producer and sound designer), and Vasilis Tzavaras (musician).

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organised by:
De Montfort University

Onassis Cultural Centre

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