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De Montfort University will work together with other partner institutions to run a series of workshops on project themes of soundscape, sound-based music, hacking and education (linking to the EARS2/Compose with Sounds project action). Workshops will take place throughout the UK, Germany & Greece.

By working to bring together the worlds of sound-based music and hacking, we aim to demonstrate value and user-friendliness of this new musical creation to teachers and students alike, allowing ideas to be taken forward into community and educational settings without the need for additional support.

Cross-curricular work with art, design technology and other subject areas is possible. This, in turn, will widen both students’ and teachers’ understanding and interest in terms of their musical spectrum of interest and eventual participation.

Explore news updates about “Sound-based Creativity in Schools” workshops below.


In the summer of 2017 researchers at DMU developed a series of 4 workshops to be used in schools for introducing pupils to sound-based creativity.

These workshops were trialled in 2 different schools in the midlands, UK with Year 5, Year 6 and Year 10 pupils. As part of these workshops pupils participated in listening training, made recordings using digital recorders and then used this material to create their own compositions on computers.

Following this the children took part in a soundwalk, which is where a group (or a single person) walk quietly through a chosen area listening closely to the sounds around them. As part of this the pupils were given soundwalk instruction sheets (see below) to complete. These were designed to help draw their attention to different aspects of the soundscape and to also encourage them to consider their own responses to the sounds. This listening training provided a foundation for choosing which sounds to record in the following workshop as well as deciding how to arrange those sounds in compositions in the final 2 workshops.

In the second workshop the pupils were given digital recorders to collect sounds from around their schools. This was presented as a sonic treasure hunt where the pupils decided on types of sounds they wanted to find when recording.

In the final 2 workshops the pupils used these sounds to create their own sound-based compositions on computers. They arranged sounds in sequences and often created rhythmic loops out of the sounds. They also transformed the sounds using effects such as by slowing them down or speeding them up, which changes the pitch and length of the sound. 

Click here and here to find examples of their work. 

The workshops were organized in the following schools:

>Moat Community College, Leicester – 4 workshops run with 2 classes - Year 7
>Beacon Academy, Loughborough – 4 workshops run with 2 classes - Year 5
>De Lisle College, Loughborough – 4 workshops run with 1 class - Year 9
>Westwood Academy, Coventry – 1 workshop run with 1 group of pupils

Community workshops: 2:
>Sydni Centre, Leamington Spa – 2 workshops
>Warwick Arts Centre (Warwick University) – a day long drop in workshop hosted at the arts centre ‘Family Day’.

organised by:
De Montfort University

Onassis Cultural Centre

ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie