cross genre residencies

ZKM will invite composers of electroacoustic music and sound artists to create new compositions inspired by the intersection of electroacoustic music and sonic arts with other genres, such as dance and video. The invited artists in residence will work in ZKM’s unique environment and have access to a variety of interfaces, software and hardware settings.

Selected Artists in Residence:

1. Marco Kempf Project: “DASD - direct access storage device”

Developed within the framework of a cross-genre residency, the work "DASD - direct access storage device" deals with the haptic exploration of hard disks and their transformation into performative tools in electroacoustic music. The hard disk, a magnetic storage medium of computer technology, was regarded for a long time, after the magnetic tapes and before the data disappeared in the cloud and thus from desks, as an icon and always as a synonym of data storage, the storage of data. In his works, Marco Kempf deals with the reinterpretation and reinterpretation of old hard disks and the possibilities of using the contained technology as well as the stored data for a new artistic purpose. The storage of data is a process of digital self-portrait and archive of one's own biography. Through the content a hard disk becomes a document of the time and a testimony of its owner and the digital content gets more meaning than its mechanical parts. With advancing technology and the emergence of ever larger amounts of data, the hard disk has developed into a disposable article due to its fixed storage capacity, despite its valuable content. By opening the case, a glimpse into the inner mechanical core of the hardware is granted, thereby establishing a new perspective that creates a sensitivity for the "materiality" of data. Through the modification of the hard disks and a developed algorithm, old discarded hard disks are transformed into new instruments for control and performative expression. A new form of DJ, the "data jockey", is created through the misappropriation.

For the duration of his residency, Marco worked on two application scenarios:
A. The hard disk as a pure controller by using the motor as an encoder
B. Direct sonification of the written data by picking up the magnetic patterns on the hard disks.

2.Artemi - Maria Gioti &Kosmas Giannoutakis | Project: "CECIA" (Collaborative Electroacoustic Composition with Intelligent Agents)

This interdisciplinary project called “CECIA” (Collaborative Electroacoustic Composition with Intelligent Agents) is an innovative art project that integrates the creative agency of 5 composers and Machine Learning algorithms in order to produce a coherent composition of electroacoustic music. The project aims to explore collaborative music creation, harnessing the creativity of electroacoustic composers and Intelligent Agents through a cloud computing platform.

The collaborative process of composition will be conducted online in an iterative fashion, in which the composers will submit and evaluate sound material/ideas/suggestions. These data will train the machine learning algorithms, which will generate new sonic structures according to the group preferences. The framework implements a decentralized model for electroacoustic music composition, featuring hybrid agency (human-algorithmic) and distributed authorship.

Artemi - Maria Gioti and Kosmas Giannoutakis are the two project moderators who will support the artists during their residency. The project ends with a presentation of work in December 2019.

--> click HERE for the open call for composers for CECIA

3. New Open Call: Emotional AI

Learn more HERE


Photo description: "DASD" (direct access storage device) presented at ZKM | Karlsruhe within the framework of Next City Sounds: INTERFACES in August 2018
Photo credits: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Stefanie Strigl

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