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About the sound installation:

Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world with distinctive cave-like dwellings carved out of limestone. Called "Tufo", this soft stone consists mainly of calcium carbonate, a chemical compound of the elements calcium, carbon, and oxygen, laid done as sediment millions of years ago. Over time, spaces have been hollowed out through the flow of water and human hands, extending back into a layered history. NCS_Hypogean-City is a multi-room sound installation of spatialized electroacoustic miniatures. Its textual characteristics and dramaturgical progressions are built upon the sonification of the area's timeline, geological data, and both the symbolic and numerological aspects of calcium, carbon and oxygen: Ca (20), C (6), 0 (8). Through the dynamic placement of small-scale loudspeaker systems new (sound) connections are created within the space that artistically reflect Matera's geologically unique setting and stimulate the cave acoustics of the Casa Cava.

Ludger Brummer [DE]
Yannick Hofmann [DE]
Dan Wilcox [US]
Tomasz Ciotucha [PL]

developed by ZKM | Hertz-Lab in 2019 for the In Vitro Festival: Artificial Sonification.

The sound installation is developed within the framework of the Interfaces Network and will be presented for the first time in Italy, Matera at the IN VITRO-artificial sonification festival.

The installation was also presented at: Between 2019 Festival in Stockholm, Sweden on 8-13/11/2019. Find more information here.

21-22 September 2019
Casa Cava, Matera, Italy
free entrance
organised by:
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie

NCS_Hypogean City

NCS_Hypogean City