soundscapes compositions
site specific events

ZKM will develop a geo-referencing app and in cooperation with OCC will commission site-specific electroacoustic or instrumental works for specific places in Germany and Greece.

Composers selected in collaboration with the partners of the project will be asked to write miniature compositions for specific urban spaces in Thessaloniki , Greece's second largest city. These will be recorded by the dissonART ensemble and will be uploaded to a geo-refereing application creating an in-situ urban concert. The Thessaloniki soundscape compositions will remain accessible even after the completion of the projectcycle, for visitorss (locals and tourists) and citizens to enjoy. We estimate that over 1.000 people per annum will use the app and listen to compositions. 

ZKM will additionally provide 4 workshops in schools wth the aim of creating new aaudio-walks in collaboration with the students. Furthermore, it will organize 10 audio- walks, each lead by a guide. ZKM will also address the geo-caching community as a "new audience" within the project. 

organised by:
Onassis Cultural Centre

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