new media,ict & audience development workshop
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An intensive workshop on New Media, ICT and Audience Development, maximizing expertise both from within the partnership and beyond it, was designed to provide the capacity to exploit tools and systems that are available today, increasing ability to consolidate and extend existing audience bases.

Onassis Cultural Centre invited Remix Agency & isobar Agency to design a workshop on New Media, ICT and Audience Development aimed to explore the use of content and digital channels in attracting new audiences. Drawing on a range of business models plus consumer, business and technology trends, participants were encouraged to think laterally about their creative assets and audience development strategies.

Participants were led through a series of talks on best practice, followed by a range of exercises to complete individually, in pairs or in small groups.

Taking under consideration the profile of each organisation participating at the workshop, the workshop aimed to educate and at the same time inspire and push Interfaces Partners to activate their presence in social media platforms which could lead to long-term audience development.

3,4 October 2016
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