the koumaria residency - 2017

In 2017 the residency will focus on generating content (and documentation of the creative process) for a new sound walk app for visitors to Sparta and the surrounding countryside. This is the third such app to be brought on-line by Medea, and the first to focus on both urban and rural locations. We will select and visit a number of sites, including Sparta, the village of Sellasia (adjacent to the residency base), and any number of archeological, historical, and religious significant sites, along with sites of great natural beauty and interest.  

Given the theme, we are looking for artists excited by the idea of collaborative artistic creation, grounded in an improvisatory spirit and practice, which relates and speaks to specific sites. We will produce high-quality content in all media related to these sites, often produced at the sites, which will enrich the experience of the site by visitors. Residents should be excited by the idea of researching the history and function of specific sites, conceiving in association with other residents appropriate creative content to produce, and then engage in the production and documentation of the content. The content may well vary site to site—from the filming of an in-situ dance performance, to photgraphic projects, musical performance, cross/multi art performances, or the use of new technologies, triggers, control surfaces to animate the spaces.

We place no limitations on what we may do, we only ask that you be expert in your chosen media, and willing to work with others in realizing the content. Residents will have all the expenses paid and will receive a modest stipend of 200 euros in exchange for their participation in this project. We will also present the outputs of the residency in a performance and mixed-media presentation in Sparta at the end of our time there.

Alongside the sound walk App that will be developed during the Koumaria Residency we will also focus on music/sound, audiovisual, and performative artwork that makes heavy use of technology and new media. Be it sensors, projection mapping, practices like live coding and live patching, networked performance, or any other use of technology, we are open to new ideas and suggestions. The works that will be produced don't necessarily need to incorporate all the above-mentioned forms of expression (sound, visuals, and movement), but as a genuinely interdisciplinary artist collective, we have an inclination towards cross-media artworks.

It is worth emphasizing that Koumaria’s focus is collective art creation. Individuals should expect, and desire, substantive input from other residents, and be open to having their projects morph considerably during the course of the residency. While the final outputs we produce may each have a primary organizer behind them, Koumaria is not the place for the development and presentation of solo works/content.

Open Call

The Koumaria Residency 2017 is looking for sound artists, dancers / performers, photographers, video artists, programmers and DIY makers to work on a multidisciplinary project Soundscapes/Landscapes_Rizome III – Sparta and its environs. This involves a sound walk application together with DIY wearables and DIY electronics.

Date: From Oct. 6th to Oct. 16th

Deadline: June 15th 2017

Visit the official site:


Selected residents:

Alma Toaspern (Germany) - dancer/ choreographer

Eleni Kavouki (Greece) - media artist

Evi Nakou (Greece) - flutist/ sound artist

Jamie Ranney (USA) - dancer/ choreographer

Kathrerine Wilkinson (USA) - theatre director/ performer

Mitchell Herrmann (USA) - sound artist

Peter Gonda (Slovakia) - theatre director/ coder

Sara Maino (Italy) - multimedia artist


The soundwalk app is developed by ZKM in partnership with the Onassis Cultural Centre and Medea Electronique as part of the Interfaces Project. 

The application is available online here.


6-16 October 2017
Koumaria, Sparta, Greece
organised by:
Onassis Cultural Centre

KOUMARIA 2017 Daily blog DAY 1

KOUMARIA 2017 Daily blog DAY 1

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Koumaria 2017 Videoblog October 8th

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