ears 2/ compose with sounds - in schools and in the community
education, training & workshops

A series of workshops on project themes of soundscape, sound-based music, hacking and education (EARS 2/Compose with Sounds) will take place throughout the UK, Germany & Greece. The goal of sound-based music (including its reflection in the world of hacking) is to demonstrate the value and user-friendliness of new musical creation to teachers and students alike in a manner whereby the approach can be taken on within the schools and other community settings without any other support afterwards. Cross-curricular work with Art, Design Technology and other subject areas is possible. This, in turn, will widen both students’ and teachers’ understanding and interest in terms of their musical spectrum of interest and eventual participation.

organised by:
De Montfort University

Onassis Cultural Centre

ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie