DYI instruments in schools and in the community
education, training & workshops

Building on the techniques developed in actions “DIY instrument hacking”, a pilot program will be implemented to schools in Greece and the UK.

The idea is to work with children and artists on the creation and use of new musical instruments demonstrating different ways into DIY culture or hacking. The premise is that children, who are actively involved in the creation of music, are more connected to and engaged with music and are more motivated to learn about the craft.

The project will involve artists who design new instruments, using digital technologies combined with traditional instrument building. The children will build their own instruments, working within the OCC / DMU experts where they learn more about digital fabrication and programming. After having made their instruments, they rehearse and compose new music together. And of course they perform their work for parents, teacher and others.

This project closely relates to Interfaces’s other educational projects which are based on the idea of 'learning by doing' and working on modern digital literacy. This project is a chance to research these educational principles in collaboration with artists, combining digital and technical skills with creativity and art work, it is ideally suited to the Interfaces consortium.

September 2017 - May 2018
September 2017 - May 2018