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"Introduction to New Music” is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), developed within the framework of Interfaces, aiming to address the need of a comprehensive guide to New Music through a multifunction platform with educational resources, tools and freely available resources.

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Introductory Module: Introduction to New Music
Module 1. Tonal legacies and early modernism(s)
Module 2. A fusion of "-isms". Trends and movements: Impressionism, Neofolklorism, Neoclassicism(s)
Module 3. Expressionism and Second Viennese School
Module 4. Experimentalism, till the 1950s: Futurism, Microtonality, Mass Sound
Module 5. Music after WWII: Total organization vs. Indeterminacy
Module 6. Music in the lab: The emergence of Electronic Music after 1950
Module 7. New directions: Textural music, Stochastic music, Spectral music
Module 8. Opera, Experimental music theatre and Stage performance
Module 9. From Minimalism(s) to Postmodernism(s)
Module 10. Improvisation and Experimentalism
Module 11. "New Complexities" vs. "New Simplicities"
Module 12. The recent faces of Electroacoustic Music
Module 13. The 21st Century: What's on?

Teaching Material by: Dr. Giorgos Sakallieros, Associate Professor & Deputy Head of the School of Music Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
In collaboration with: European University Cyprus
Technical Support and Platform Administrator: Andreas Grondoudis
Network Operations Manager: Michalis Georgiou
Curated by: Evis Sammoutis
Special thanks for the additional support to the professors of the European Univeristy of Cyprus: Dr. Konstantinos Katzis, Dr. Georgia Petroudi, Dr. George Christophi and Yanna Christophorou

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