urban music boxes&troubadours_first milestone_30 Jun 2017

As part of the urban music boxes & troubadours-event,  Rodolphe Bourotte and Sean Soraghan already made the first steps into the UPISketch Development. 

A first step of development was achieved in April / May.
A developer was hired, Sean Soraghan, who was previously working at ROLI, to build this first draft.
It was a great opportunity to get something well crafted, respecting the JUCE standards of programmation.
(JUCE is the C++ framework that is used for UPISketch).
For those who may want to know, the utility of a framework for the programmer is that he doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel for each and every subfunction the application needs.

Rodolphe Bourotte had to run several tests with the delivered app, and dive into these numerous pages of code to get a better understanding of how it works.
To allow them to go ahead, they needed to get a proof of concept for the analysis / synthesis part.
They still have to tune the algorithms so that it will do a better job, but they hope to keep on with this idea.

In the first video below you can get an idea of the milestone1: they load a sound, analyze its pitch, and change its pitch contour. 

Concurrently with Sean, Rodoplphe has investigated several objects / functions of the JUCE framework, essential to the application:
Among other things, a test application has been made, which combines XmlElement, ValueTree, FileTreeComponent, TextEditor.
All those elements are essential for being able to manage file writing as XML, and allow undo on a set of operations. 

The second video shows this application through an iPhone 5. 


First Milestone

First Milestone