urban music boxes&troubadours_Graphic User Interface-experiments_24 Jul 2017

Next phase into the UPICSketch Development: Graphic User Interface.

The GUI (Graphic User Interface) is in progress: the vectorization algorithm is applied to drawing gestures.
(Still, this has to be improved in order to enable easier modifications with less control points)
As of now, some buttons (which will look nicer in the future) do what they intend them to:
you can pan, zoom, draw, clear.
The enclosing rectangles will later be shown only for the selected curves.
The curves are given boundaries in time and pitch, given by the coordinates of the enclosing rectangles relatively to the page parameters.
Each curve possesses three different internal representations: the digitized gesture, the processed control points, and the recalculated curve from the set of control points.
Next step will be to consider these first primary curves as polycurves: the primary curve giving the pitch, and at least one secondary curve, attached to the same polycurve, giving the amplitude.
And providing a user interface solution for this.

Organized by: European University Cyprus

Project: urban music boxes& troubadours 

First Experiments with GUI

First Experiments with GUI