ateliers de la creation (studios of creation)
education, training & workshops

Within the space of just four months, students in Greece will take a dive deep into the world of contemporary art and create contemporary music inspired by a work of art.

Initiated by the Center Pompidou and IRCAM, this artistic educational project Ateliers de la creation (Studios of Creation) has a simple but demanding ambition: to offer students of professional lycées, far from the world of art and its institutions, a dive at the heart of the most contemporary creation.


In association with Athens' National Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki’s State Museum of Contemporary Art, museum educators, artists, musicians and composers, the Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens invites the students to join this interdisciplinary programme in order to gain hands-on experience of the visual and audio arts and create something of their own along with the group.

After museum visits and talks with the artists and the educational curators, the students got inspired by a work of contemporary art and created their own musical compositions using self-made musical instruments and sound editing software.


Selected Schools:


1. 2nd Vocational School of Sivitanidios Public Arts and Crafts, Department of Computer Science specializing in Computer and Network Applications 

Project Coordinator: Yannis Kotsonis (musician)

Inspired by the artwork of Nikos Podias Inside Out.

2. 2nd Vocational High School of Nea Smyrni, Department of Applied Arts, specializing in Graphic Arts and Silversmithing

Project Coordinators: Stefanos Konstantinidis, Iakovos Steinhauer and Nassos Sopylis.

Inspired by the artwork of Nikos Papadopoulos Ocean Rock Garden.



1. 1st Vocational High School of Ampelokipoi, Thessaloniki

Project Coordinator: Anastasia Peki

Inspired by the artwork of Mikhail Matyushin Musical/Visual Construction (1918) , part of the Costaki Collection “Russian Avant-Garde”

2. 1st Vocational High School of Neapoli, Thessaloniki

Project Coordinator: Savvas Metaxas

Inspired by the artwork of Alexander Rodchenko Expressive Rhythm (1943), part of the Costaki Collection “Russian Avant-Garde”


The final presentation of the students' works of art in Athens is set for 11 May 2018, 11:00 am at the National Museum of Contemporary Art

The final presentation of the students' works of art in Thessaloniki is set for 18 May 2018, 11:00 am at the State Museum of Contemporary Art 

January – May 2018

Addressed to:
Vocational Senior High Schools Students

Participation cost:

Reservation and more info:
T: 213 017 8002

Application and selection procedure:
Applications should be submitted to by 31 October 2017. The responses will be sent out by 20 November 2017.


organised by:

Onassis Cultural Centre