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Initiated by the Center Pompidou and IRCAM, this artistic educational project Studios of Creation (Ateliers de la création) has a simple but demanding ambition: to offer students of vocational training schools, far from the world of art and its institutions, a dive at the heart of the most contemporary creation.
Read more about the programme “Studios of Creation (Ateliers de la creation)” HERE.

In 2017-2018 more than 60 students from vocational high schools in France participated in the project:

Selected Schools:
Lycée La Saulaie
Class: 30 students from the 2nd year professional baccalaureate program specialized in “Maintenance of Industrial Equipment”
Inspired by the work from the exhibition of Matt Coco “in caso di nebbia”

In collaboration with :
Aude Fournier (composer and musical coach)
Sébastien Hervier (composer, percussionist and musical coach)
Catinca Dumitrascu (project coordinator/ Grame)
Grame (music production and research center)
La Halle (art center and media library)

Lycée Agricole Louis Pasteur
Class: 30 students from the 2nd year professional baccalaureate program specialized in “Nature, Landscape Gardens and Forest”
Inspired by the exhibition of Marc Lathuillière

In collaboration with:
Aude Fournier (composer and musical coach)
Musiques Démesurées (musical activities association)
Le centre d’art le Creux de l’enfer (contemporary arts center)

Some feedback from the students …

The sonic works produced were of surprising quality given the absence of previous experience in music or related disciplines. For some students, verbal expression was a real challenge since most of them were participating in a project like this for the first time. Many students expressed their enthusiasm and their interest in the project:

“On Thursday, November 9, 2017, we went to Pont-En-Royans (...). The first activity was to record sounds near the Pont River. As a second activity, we worked (description, sketch) on the works of art of Matt Coco.”

“I appreciate this project because I find it interesting. It makes us discover the world of art and learn new things. Also, I enjoyed the two trips we made at the Halle de Pont-en-Royans. We discovered the works of Matt Coco and they were really interesting.”

More information about the Creative Workshops in France can also be found in French in the Creative-Workshops-Blog.

The final presentation of the student’s artworks and musical compositions will be on 19th of May, 2018 at Centre Pompidou, in the context of the 2018 edition of the European “Nuit des Musées.

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