Artists-In-Residence Announced | Syros Sound Meetings 2019

The selection results for the site-specific residency in Syros, Greece are now out!

Selected Artists-In-Residence for 2019

Tytti Arola
Melanie Delaney
Sholto Dobie
Lauri Hyvarinen
Maja Jantar
Klemens Kohlweis
Lia Mazzari
Mara Probst
George Samantas
Chris Steenson
Stefanos Syminelakis
Vicki Zioga

Invited Artists 2019:

Stine Janvin & Felicity Mangan (Native Instrument)

Project documentation: Eva Matsigkou

05 - 15 July 2019

organised by:
Syros Sound Meetings

in collaboration with:
Onassis Stegi 

Syros Institute


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