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Sounding Paths was a residency program for site-specific sound projects organized by the Syros Sound Meetings initiative & Syros Institute.

For the Interfaces' edition of Sounding Paths residency, musicians, sound artists & improvisers of all levels & backgrounds with a documented interest in experimentation & site-specific composition, improvisation or performance, were invited for a joint residency in the island of Syros, Greece via an open call & personal invitation process.

The residency program has hosted participants from Greece, Cyprus, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, U.K., U.S.A., Canada, Australia and Japan and led to the development of original site-inspired works and performances by a diverse range of international artists, including Graham Lambkin, Áine O’Dwyer, Michael Pisaro, Deborah Stratman, Viv Corringham, Mike Cooper, Andrew Raffo Dewar and Sabu Toyozumi.

From 2017 to 2019, Sounding Paths residency program was part of the Interfaces network and supported by the Onassis Stegi & the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. 

Direction & programming: Danae Stefanou & Yannis Kotsonis 

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Syros Sounding Paths Open Call 2017_click here (deadline 15/05/17) - application procedure is closed

Syros Sounding Paths Open Call 2018_click here (deadline 15/05/18) - application procedure is closed

Syros Sounding Paths Open Call 2019_click here (deadline 10/05/19) - application procedure is closed

Selected Artists-In-Residence for 2017

Joshua Bonnetta
John Brennan
Elisa Ferrari
Rachael Finney
Ioanna Gerakidi
Judith Hamann
Kostis Kilymis
Robert Millis
Julia Reidy
Patrick Ward

Invited Artists 2017:

Graham Lambkin
Áine O’Dwyer

Project documentation: Eva Matsigkou


Selected Artists-In-Residence for 2018

Mitchell Akiyama
Johannes Bergmark
Renato Grieco
Brigitte Hart
Matthew Philip Hopkins
Magda Lampropoulou
Anna Lerchbaumer
Katherine Liberovskaya
Savvas Metaxas
Phill Niblock
Zina Sarris

Invited Artist 2018:

David Toop (U.K.)

Project documentation: Eva Matsigkou


Selected Artists-In-Residence for 2019

Tytti Arola
Melanie Delaney
Sholto Dobie
Lauri Hyvarinen
Maja Jantar
Klemens Kohlweis
Lia Mazzari
Mara Probst
George Samantas
Chris Steenson
Stefanos Syminelakis
Vicki Zioga

Invited Artists 2019:

Stine Janvin & Felicity Mangan (Native Instrument)

Project documentation: Eva Matsigkou


Sounding Paths Residency 2017

Sounding Paths Residency 2017

Syros 2017 #2

Syros 2017 #2

Syros 2017 #3

Syros 2017 #3

Syros 2017 #4

Syros 2017 #5

Sounding Paths Residency 2018

Syros 2018: one_light

Syros 2018: two_shatter

Syros 2018: three_two

Syros 2018: four_rosemary

Syros 2018: Johannes

Syros 2018: sound unwanted

Syros 2018: double butcher shop

Syros 2018: zina

Syros 2018: magda

Syros 2018: katherine

Syros 2018: brigitte

Syros 2018: church reverb / skulls / faith

Syros 2018: Savvas

Syros 2018: Mitchell

Syros 2018: Matthew

Syros 2018: Coppice

Syros 2018: Renato

Syros 2018: Phill

Syros 2018: Johannes Bergmark

Syros 2018: David

Syros Sounding Paths Residency 2019

Syros 2019: Stefanos

Syros 2019: Klemens

Syros 2019: George

Syros 2019: Lauri

Syros 2019: Maja

Syros 2019: Melanie

Syros 2019: Lia Mazzari

Syros 2019: group improv with Native Instrument

Syros 2019: Mara

Syros 2019: Shoto & Lia

Syros 2019: Native Instrument

Syros 2019: Felicity

Syros 2019: Tytti

Syros 2019: Lia

Syros 2019: Chris