locations-the personal and the political

Romy Rüegger and Deena Andelwahed reflect their possibilities to relate to the world as individuals, and to read history into the present. Their live performances are consequent personal approaches of the political as the personal, or the personal in a political sense. This concert is part of Q-O2’s ‘the other the self‘ series, on gender, voice, language, identity.

Romy Rüegger: I am the wall – where will you be main frequencies on voice break, gendered frequencies, sounds like metal, colonial legacies in speech and listening as positioning in space. History is closed today. It is being renovated. In the mean time: a field without centre, protagonists, side figures, fists, embodied landscapes and the power relations they represent. Interrupting normative trails. Digital presets and filters, the way they shape, distort, or norm and gender our voice – according to or against commonly generated perceptions of intersections, of freaks, of ins and outs – stepping out. It’s me, a you without an I, it’s the matter that you have been talking along and through. Matter that talks back, NOW. I am the wall. I am the matter that speaks! A tram ride to Tervuren.

Deena Abdelwahed: All Hail Mother Internet
a radio art piece blending electronic music, live performance, singing, and dramatic speaking. All Hail Mother Internet is my personal version of popular Arabic music repertoire – a collation of sonic memories and an experimental music project which imagines a futuristic Arab club scene and its inspirations. There is explicit information too, addressed as questions about Generation Y’s frustration about belonging to certain movements, cultures, identities, and countries; about the loneliness of online art consumption, individualism, weddings as Arab’s only parties; societal misinformation into a non-western aesthetics derived from a growing electronic dance music scene amongst Arabic countries and the evolution of local popular music worldwide.

This performance takes place in the framework of the Performatik festival of the Kaaitheater

Romy Rüegger
Romy Rüegger (1983) is an artist and writer. She lives and works in Zurich and is interested in feminist politics of the spoken and the written as interventions into power relations and a survivor's history. She works with documents, the ephemeral and the real, and is developing shared practices of listening and unlearning by voicing and spacing. She shows and publishes her performances, texts and audio works with and by recorded voices as site specific writings and artistic resumptions.

Deena Abdelwahed
Deena Abdelwahed is a Tunisian DJ and electronic music performer. Coming from the Tunisian alternative music scene, she injects a dose of innovation and experimentation to the electronic dance music scene. Her combination of urban rhythms and a unique personal touch offers an avant garde perspective that is full of energy. She debuted as a funk and jazz singer two years before joining the World Full of Bass collective in 2011, an experimental pioneer of the Tunisian electronic arts scene. Since moving to Toulouse in France, she has broadened the horizons of her music and performances, and is ever looking to expand.


31 March 2017
Q-02, Belgium

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