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ManiFeste, in particular the academy, is a moment of privileged encounters among different protagonists in the world of live performance. This year, the focus is on theater with a project led by one of the major players in French theater today: Daniel Jeanneteau
For this special project, young composers are introduced to the artistic and educational teams a few months prior to the workshop in June to begin preparations.

Educational Advisors: Daniel Jeanneteaudirector and IRCAM computer music designers

The director Daniel Jeanneteau offers 3 young composers the opportunity to create a collective performance working on a sonic scenography for the Iliad, materializing the poem’s extreme violence. This sonic stage design, purely electronic, is nourished by contributions from the 3 young composers using IRCAM software to transform and spatialize the sound.

An initial work session for the 3 selected composers, Daniel Jeanneteau, and the IRCAM team will be held in Paris from Tuesday, February 6 through Thursday, February 8, 2018.

Daniel Jeanneteau – Artist’s Statement

At the very end of the Iliad, Homer introduces Priam to Achilles. An old man and a young man. Two enemies. It is dusk, Priam crosses the hills on a donkey. He is coming to collect the body of his dead son in Achilles’ tent. Nobody sees him coming, hidden by his age, covered with ashes, insignificant. He has not eaten since Hector’s death. He has not slept either. It has been 11 days. Achilles discovers Priam on his knees and lifts him with surprise. For a brief instant, protected by a sleeping army, the two men look at each other. Nothing binds them to exterior laws, to learned hate. Seized with emotion in seeing each other, they create a special time that belongs only to them, fashioned with admiration and tears. Centuries of hatred flood their mutual observation; burning and then dampened: they recognize each other.

They are quiet, look at each other, eat, sleep. Their common insignificance represents the counterpoint to the sum of the preceding violence.This project is the continuation of an experience in Lyon in 2015 during the Biennale de la danse. The theater’s stage, exceptionally deep (50 meters), was taken over by 60 tons of gravel and cinderblocks that we used to create the ruins of a city. This landscape was inhabited by dancer (Thibault Lac), an actor (Laurent Poitrenaux), an old man, and a donkey. The condensed text of the Iliad was violently recited by the actor. Work was carried out to produce a minimal and discreet sonic creation that accompanied the text.

Today, I want to take up this experience again, extending it by radically renewing its form. While we are preserving the idea of an exceptionally deep stage (plateaus 1 & 2 at the T2G Théâtre de Gennevilliers forming a single 42-meter deep stage), the empty space will remain devoid of all materials. The landscape will be materialized by the sound (music and noises). The young composers taking part in the workshop must find a collective composition, a veritable common sonic scenography—using IRCAM technologies for sound diffusion and programming—as well as the musical staging of the poem’s extreme violence. The resources available for electroacoustic music and the diffusion of spatialized sound should contribute to the creation of an immersive sound experience while allocating an important role to the recorded voice of the actor.

Excerpts from the Iliade in the project.

Project Team:
Conception, Director, Stage Design: Daniel Jeanneteau
Music Chia Hui Chen, Stanislav Makovsky
Assistant Director: Olivier Brichet
Lighting: Yves Godin
Computer Music Design: Augustin Muller
Sound Engineer: NN
Performers: Thibault Lac, dancer et Laurent Poitrenaux, actor/recorded voice

19-23 June 2018
Tuesday, February 6 — Thursday, February 8 and Monday, June 4 — Friday, June 22, 2018
Public presentations from Tuesday, June 19 - Saturday, June 23, 2018
@Ircam & T2G - Théâtre de Gennevilliers

Tickets: 14 € | € 10 | € 9 | 6 €
From 16 years old.

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